School of postgraduate studies (9 months)

1. Accounting
2. Marketing
3. Computer Science

School of postgraduate studies (1-2 years)

1. MSc. Computer Science - [2 years]
2. MSc. Information Management Technology [2 years]
3. MSc. Public Health [2 years]
4. MSc. Health Information Technology [2 years]
5. MSc. Accounting & Finance [2 years]
6. Masters of Business Administration (MBA) [2 years]
7. Executive MBA - Business Administration [1 year, Online]
7. Masters of Public Administration (MPA)
8. MSc. Marketing (2 years)
9. MSc. Commercial Administration [2 years]
10. MSc Public Relation (2 years)

School of Science &Technology

1. PhD. Information Management Technology (4-6 years)
2. PhD. Data Science (4-6 years)

School of Management Science

1. PhD. (4-6 years)
2. PhD. Data Science (4-6 years)

Frequently asked questions

Check the admission page for details on how to apply. 

It’s your choice, both PGD and top-up to bachelor degree programme are good. Any of them can guarantee you admission into Masters programme.

Executive Masters of Business Administration (E-MBA) is the same as the real MBA only that the former is an online programme for a duration of one year

Yes. Contact admission centre for details.

No for now but, you can send us your cv for future job openings. Send your CVs to

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