Degree verification centre

Get complete control over the authentication of your candidates results. A quick and most reliable way to verify your candidates’ results in a matter of hours. If you are an approved organisation You will be able to see an applicant’s Statement of Results.

Our response time is usually within five working days.

Who can use the Service?

The online Results Verification Service is for:

  • Employers
  • Government Agencies
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Other organisations

features of the service

Real time Responses

The online verification of results and transcripts can be done in real time as fast as sending and receiving of messages.

Share Results

Registered students and graduates can request for their results to be shared with relevant agencies for employment and authentication purposes.

Secured and Reliable

Only students, graduates, approved and recognised organisations and authorities can have access to the portal.

Award Verification Letter

A verification of award letter confirms your qualification (BSc, MSc) and classification. This letter is sometimes requested in addition to the original certificate, as a further form of verification. Requests are usually completed within 5-10 working days, except in busy periods and during university closure dates which may take take longer.

Degree Verification Service


If you want a more a personalised response to your request, kindly send request for Degree verification to

  1. Click on “CLICK HERE ” button below to go to the portal
  2. Register as a user (you must be representing an organisation before you can use this tool)
  3. Email confirmation must be done after your registration before you can proceed.
  4. Matriculation number of the student is required for quicker response
  5. Ensure you have details of the person (certificate holder details)
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